Leather / Patent Leather

Dust is quickly attracted to patent leather shoes; clean your shoes regularly, in order to get rid of dust and dirt.
Brings the gloss back to your shoes! Use a soft cloth to apply and rub in the patent leather shoe care products.
In case your shoes get sloppy wet, dry them slowly by leaving them out in the open. Clean the surface of the shoe with a dry cloth. Do not dry in front of a heater as this would cause the leather to became hard and unwearable once the shoe is dry.
To avoid mould/fungal growth, leave small silica gel pouches inside your shoes.
In case you notice mould growth on the surface of the shoe, clean it with a dry cloth and use wax polish on top. Wax will seal off the leather surface and avoid further fungal growth.


Textile / Other Material

Stretch shoes attract dirt and dust fairly easily; clean them regularly to restore their original color and appearance. Only use shoe care products which are specifically produced for such stretch materials. Treatment with normal or conventional products can damage the stretch material so that it loses its elasticity or can cause stains. As water can penetrate these materials with ease they should be water-proofed before wearing them for the first time.

Textile shoes also attract dust and dirt very quickly; clean them to restore their original appearance. Water and dirt penetrate the textile very easily; it is important to water-proof new shoes before wearing.

Suede shoes also attract dust, dirt and even stain very quickly. Use a protective spray or finish will help to repel water and prevent stains.
Brush the garment gently with Suede Brush for daily cleaning. Remove any oily stains with degreaser suede cleaner. If your suede shoes get soaked, use a clean cloth towel to blot the excess water from the garment.  Allow it to dry naturally - do not apply heat. Stuff your suede shoes with paper so that they can hold their shape.